eliminate product loss at all levels

Plant Metrics audits your plants products and finances for accurate accounting. We care about Plant Investors, and our web-based software is designed (and continually being improved) to support the work you do at your plant while accurately monitoring and auditing all transactions to give you timely information you need to maximize your returns.

Unburden yourself of large volume reports. Get facts not data for timely decision making.

Despite the cost of setting up and running an LPG plant, loss of product and revenue has plagued this industry over the years. The complexity of matching sales and product depletion has made it easy for loss to occur frequently in the system. This solution has been designed to eliminate these loses by the application of numerical analysis and proven engineering principles to ensure maximized profitability in your plant.

Plant Metrics will account for every kg of LPG in your supply, storage & sales system to see that you maximize profit by minimizing loss.

Unburden yourself of large volume reports. Get facts not data for timely decision making.

Plant Metrics is designed to be used by three (3) class of people. The plant owner, the plant manager, and the cashier (the person or group of persons that receives cash payments from customers).

At the start of business each day, the levels from all tanks are entered by the plant manager. In the same manner, the levels are entered at closing time. If there is supply of product by a bridger tanker, the levels of all storage tanks are captured before and after the supply is done. Records of all daily plant expenses and plant attendants on duty are entered.

The cashier captures all LPG sales transactions and prints receipt for customers to show to sales attendants for correct filling of their bottles. The receipts also serve as gate pass when they leave the plant. This way only customers that have paid for their gas refill can exit the plant.

Plant owners can view a range of reports and charts at any time (from any location in the world) that summarizes past and present plant activities including product and financial audit.

See all relevant facts and figures on plant transactions at a glance.

Understand the long & short term monitory implications of your business decisions.

Secure your product by knowing the various sources of product & revenue loss.

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